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1980: The year I am born

2002: The year I move to the US

2005: The year I move back to Germany

2008: The year that changes my life

2013: The year I meet Pele

2014: The year I meet myself

2016: The year ANASHA is born

2017: The year that marks a new paradigm



Living in alignment with my vision is my contribution to make it happen on the big scale as well.

As a living example I want to encourage others to take the first step to become a pioneer of their own souls.


The past years marked a period of radical life changes for me. Radical, hurtful, yet necessary in order to move toward my vision. Along the way I dropped previous self-concepts along with a lot(!) of weight, attachments and limiting beliefs of all sorts, my marriage, a permanent residence and most of my material possessions. In return I gained self-determination, freedom, authentic self-expression, joy, peace, unity, connection and abundance!



My life is my project and my project is my life.

My dearest baby is my book ANASHA - The Journey Begins

A spiritual (travel) guide to Hawaii and soul account of my own transformation.

I invite you to come along on my journey with me.

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But I'm also working on other projects that are dear to my heart such as





More information about these can be found at my other website at




Personal:Permanent (preferably rent free) residences in both Hawaii and Germany.

Shooting for 2017 to make it happen!

I am looking for a cottage / tiny house in Hawaii and an apartment in Berlin.

Global: Rent free tiny house communities all over.

Ideas and supporters are welcome, please get in touch if you want to contribute in any way.



Before I became a coach I was working in Online Marketing and Sales for comapnies like Google, Amazon and RTL.

In theory my career was "flawless" but something seemed to be missing.

One day I woke up and realized that there had to be more to life.

So I set out on a journey to find myself and my true calling.

While I am aware that coaching might not be the last stop on that journey I know one thing for sure:

Seeing people go beyond their wildest dreams is incredibly inspirational and makes my soul sing!


Here is my LinkedIn for detailed info.


Transformational Coach (CPC; Leadership that Works)

Siang Mien Face Reading

Certified Facilitator

Certified Burnout Counsel

M.A. in Mass Communication and Media Arts

and most importantly: